Innovative Restyling



Ten years from its market launch and after winning the heart of millions of people in more than 40 countries around the world and the most prestigious international critics, Beso de Vino and his star Antonio present a new image.

The new design, more premium look, reinforces the soul of the brand, Antonio, who will bring its personality to each of the wines in the range and will connect with different consumer profiles who will feel much more identified with the brand. The “wine for everyone” is the concept, the idea behind the design, no matter whether consumers are cheerful, environmentalist, cool, urban or sportive as far as all of them have the same passion for life as Antonio.

It´s not just that every wine will have its own label with a different character of Antonio, is that all the 7 wines of the brand will have their own 6 special and different labels, all of them belonging to Antonio´s world, making wine shelves and wine bars much more attractive.

All the designs are created by the, based in Pamplona but worldwide known, design company ©Kukuxumusu.


Logotipo Grandes Vinos

Beso de Vino - © Grandes Vinos y Viñedos, S.A.