Frizzante Garnacha Rosé

Alcohol by volume



Very cold, about 5ºC

Light and fresh with delicate bubbles, Beso de Vino Frizzante rosé is the answer to Millenial wine lovers. An open generation to a wide range of wines and nontraditional methods, they have the power to change everything.

Lovely pale pink, transparent, clean and shiny. Full of strawberries and berries aroma. Mild on the tongue with a sweet/acid touch that adds freshness with a surprising bubbling spark.


Cold maceration to extract aromas, soft pressing to obtain a clean and aromatic wine. Fermented at low temperatures to preserve all the aroma and potential of grapes. Fermentation stopped before finishing at all to leave a wine of 11.5% with a bit of residual sugar.

Perfectly paired with light meals and tapas. It’s a wonderful partner to chocolate and fruit desserts.

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