Kukuxumusu -the kiss of the flea in the Basque language- is a unique way of drawing and finding things to put that creativity on; a special way of communicating; a different way of looking at reality or laughing at it. It is a bunch of people who want to share their funny, ironic and provocative way of looking at the world.

Kukuxumusu is the factory of ideas and drawings which creates and dreams up for everyone who hates being bored. That's what the fans of the flea are like: invaders of their shops to wear their t-shirts, collectives or associations that place special orders or those companies that are licensed to sell the brand within their own catalogues (Marie Claire, Bic, Hofmann, Smoking, Buff, etc.).

Kukuxumusu has its own online shop, a network of a thousand authorised points of sale throughout Europe, and is present, through its licences, in 98 countries all around the world.

Antonio is a design of Kukuxumusu

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