GRANDES VINOS is located in the D.O.P. Cariñena, Aragón, which is one of the oldest Protected Designations of Origin officially recognized in Spain, in 1932, second after Rioja, though it’s been producing wine for over 2000 years.

The Winery was founded in 1997 with the union of over 700 families of winegrowers and with the mission to make sustainable and profitable the vine growing in Cariñena, grouping one third of the total production of the D.O.P. , establishing the development in the Export Markets as its growth strategy.

Beso de Vino is the main brand of GRANDES VINOS, present in +40 countries and in the main world distributors.

The Customer is our top priority. Our objective is to deliver them the best possible wines adapted to their taste, life style, price point demanded and moment of consumption.

Going beyond the environmental Certificates, the environmental Intelligence applied to the precision agriculture, the optimization of vineyard irrigation, the complete waste treatment and the use of a solar field at the Winery to reduce both the energy consumption during the production process and the C02 emissions into the atmosphere make us a leading company in the sector with regards to environmental matters.






Over 4.000 hectares of vineyard spread out within the 14 boroughs of the Campo de Cariñena district, assigned to the Cariñena Protected Designation of Origin are the main strength of the Company.

One of the richest and widest variety of landscapes, with vineyards growing between 320 and 850 metres, on different types of soil with different climatological conditions, from which a winery can produce wines.

Our most unique characteristic is the ancient stone soils, layers of rocks, mineral and earth that gave the name to our promotional campaign Wines crafted in Stone.

14.4 ºC
Average temperature

435 mm
Annual rainfall

>30 years
Average age of vineyard

bush wines and dry farming

5,911 Kgs/Ha
Average production per vineyard


The strong, dry, often cold local wind “Cierzo”, blows from the north helping to regulate the vineyards and  keep them free from disease.



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