From the begining GRANDES VINOS has carried out a VINEYARD SELECTION PROGRAM to select the areas where our top quality wines will be produced from, which will also carry a personalized viticulture process.

The R&D department, backed by the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), developed a PROJECT to manage all the variables mentioned previously, increasing the existing information, improving the decision making system and the competitiveness of the Winery.

All Beso de Vino wines come from this program of Vineyard Selection.

Three climatological stations were installed to study the climatic conditions, soil pits were dug and equipment installed to automatically analyse the must and wines.

Once the areas have been selected, the Technical Department manages and supervises the work to be carried out in the vineyards. It also supervises the phytosanitary treatments, the tillage, irrigation, crop thinning, grape harvest time... Each plot is visited at least once a week to inspect the progress.

It is essential that the grapes coming from the selected plots get to the winery in perfect conditions. The use of insecticides is drastically reduced in order to minimize environmental pollution through the “Sexual Confusion” technique as an alternative to chemical control of the Grapevine Moth.
This is a method that employs the pheromones of female moths to confuse the male moths who, unable to find their mates, cannot breed.

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